The history of Villa 9A dates back to almost half a century ago! However, you could not see the time lapse in its picture. Due to the general modernization the house can easily compete with the modern guest houses in the area. It retained the most important though, - tradition, history and character.

The house was built in 1960 by the indigenous highland people in a traditional form from wood and stone. It is a piece of art of the highland architecture, and it fits in perfectly into the mountain scenery around. Only a few houses in this style remained. They disappear from the map of the city and gave up space to huge futuristic buildings made just for tourists.

Our house is unique for its soul visible in its interior and its history which – with respect to tradition and ancestors – we try to keep. The general modernization in 2019 was carried out in a way to preserve its cosy atmosphere. At the same time we introduced new solutions in thermal insulation, roof coating and the house managing system. However the history has remaind.


Historia villi 9a
Historia villa9a w Zakopanem

Villa 9A has always been a multigenerational family house open to host guests. It was frequented by remarkable public figures from the area of culture or sport.The house was visited by: Ewelina Pęksowa – famous painter from Zakopane, actors - Tadeusz Malak, Józef Fryźlewicz and Wojciech Fortuna – olympic champion in ski jumping. The house is decorated in the beautiful paintings of Ewelina Pęksowa and her daughter’s in law – Jolanta Pęksowa folk art. glass paintings.

The house is filled with traditional elements of the highland art. The traditional highland chamber on the 1st floor is the best representation of the tradition - it has decorative wooden bar with carvings with the date of the construction in 1906 carved in it and the name of the contemporary owner. The wooden bar comes from the historic highland villa and was accidentally saved from complete damage in a lumbermill.

Today – as in the past – the house is still open for guests. Since 2016 people from all around the world have been visiting this unique place, many of whom have pointed out its cosines and wonderful atmosphere and family character of this place.